Diets, Denial and Despair: Does this sound like your weight-loss struggle?
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World Heart Health Day – tips to ‘heart proof’ your lifestyle and diet

Today is World Heart Health Day – stay pro-active in keeping your heart healthy with these top tips and heart-healthy food ideas.

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The Review: Get real – why you should ditch processed food

The Review is Dr. Sally Norton’s comment on the week’s health news – giving you a trusted view on the latest research to affect your health, weight and wellbeing. This week, Sally looks at how replacing processed food with ‘real’, locally-sourced options can boost your health, and help you to lose weight!

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National Fitness Day – find fitness you love!

Fitness has got to be fun – else it becomes just something else on the ‘to-do’ list. For National Fitness Week we’ve done a round-up of inspiring, and most importantly, enjoyable ways to get active that will boost your health and mood as well as your fitness.

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Dr. Sally Surgery: Do sweeteners cause diabetes?

Each week Dr. Sally Norton answers one of the inbox full of questions she receives each week, regarding health, nutrition, weight-loss and dieting. This week, Sammy is confused as to the affect sweeteners play on Diabetes risk.

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I have really enjoyed learning how to change my eating habits and have never felt like I am depriving myself like on a 'diet'.

Gemma, Exeter

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