Diets, Denial and Despair: Does this sound like your weight-loss struggle?
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Five Ideas to Keep Your Teens Active This Half Term

If you stand any chance of prizing your teens from their screens this half term, you need to offer them fitness ideas that they find exhilarating and fun. Think outside the box – it doesn’t have to be a ‘formal sport’ to get them active, could you build something together, or tackle a project in the garden? We’ve shared our top activities for you and your kids this half term.

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The NHS is in financial crisis – but can we be expected to take individual responsibility for our health?

Simon Stevens has said the NHS is in financial crisis – but can we expect individuals to take responsibility for their health? Well, it hasn’t worked so far, says Dr. Sally Norton.

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Dr Sally’s Surgery: Obesity is destroying me…help!

Each week Dr. Sally Norton answers one of the inbox full of questions she receives each week, regarding health, nutrition, weight-loss and dieting. This week, Sally responds to concerns that obesity could be bankrupting the NHS.

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6 autumnal foods to embrace for health and weight-loss

Pumpkins aren’t just for carving this autumn! Check out our favourite foods that are in season and full of health and weight-loss benefits

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I have really enjoyed learning how to change my eating habits and have never felt like I am depriving myself like on a 'diet'.

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